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American gambling mogul accepts plea deal
An American co-founder of an Antigua & Barbuda-based online sport betting company turned himself in to US authorities and pleaded guilty to gambling charges in a US federal court after spending 13 years as a fugitive in Antigua & Barbuda.
Haden Ware, who continued to operate World Sports Exchange after its owner was convicted of operating a sports betting business in 2000, was indicted for similar charges in 2002.
Source: Antiguaobserver Website

Gambling in 2015 produced biggest jackpot yet; State asks Highmark for more information on AHN contribution
Gambling in 2015 produced biggest jackpot yet for Pennsylvania.
The $3.17 billion in gross revenue generated by slot machines and table games at the 12 casinos last year was the most since gambling was legalized in the state in 2006, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. It marks the fifth straight year gross revenue, the amount players lost, topped $3 billion in the state. The 2015 total beat the previously high of nearly $3.16 billion recorded in 2012. It all computed into $1.4 billion in tax revenue, much of it coming from slots, which is taxed at a much higher level than table games. The money is used for a number of purposes, including property tax reductions and economic development projects.
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Seventeen expats arrested for gambling
Residency affairs detectives arrested 17 expatriates while gambling and betting. Detectives received information about several expats engaged in this criminal act, so the place was put under surveillance and after making sure about their activities, a team was formed to arrest them. The 17 were arrested with cash, money transfers, account records and gambling cards. All 17 confessed to the charges, and it was found out that an Asian man was running the place. All were sent to concerned authorities.
The supervision and inspection department carried out a campaign on Seventh Ring Road and Kabd Road, resulting in impounding 95 cement mixers because of concrete leaking on the streets.
Source: News.kuwaittimes Website

Greece Looks to Online Gambling to Aid Financial Struggles
Greece is looking to new industries and untapped markets to help reduce its debt crisis and adhere to stipulations set forth as part of the country’s bailout financing.
And now, after floating the idea of online gambling last year, the Greek government says it’s moving forward with legislation to license Internet casinos.
Source: Casino Website

Recovered gambler hopes to spark movement for public treatment
She was 21 the first time she gambled, said Tomorrow ‘Tee’ Blazevich. It was in a gas station. After paying for fuel, she bet $5 in a keno machine and won $350. Since then she’s been imprisoned five times, each conviction directly related to a compulsive gambling disorder.
In March 1999, it was theft and issuing bad checks. Two months later, forgery. After getting out of prison, she was again convicted of theft, twice, in May 2007 and February 2012. “It’s taken quite a bit of my life,” she said.
Source: Bozemandailychronicle Website

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